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Where Harry Potter is concerned, Im a slash shipper. Generally. But Im also a huge Snape fan. So when I saw how clearly in character he was in this story, I put aside all my preconceived preferences and decided to give Pet Project a chance. And I am ever so glad I did. This was a deliciously slow burn (oh so very, very slow) and I loved it all the more for it. The amount of angst was tolerable, thank Merlin. Heaven knows Ive read enough angst ridden Snarry to last a lifetime. I enjoyed a more cynical Hermione and how she went about reaching her goals in logical, methodical ways. Snape was suitably ill-treated, but I was glad the author didnt give in the urge to completely villainize Dumbledore, Harry, or any of his other detractors. Speaking of Harry, though he was an utter moron through most of the book, he was still central to the story and not completely cut out or pushed aside to focus on the romance. Same with Ron, though he was less of a moron. The ending. Im a stickler for endings. One hint of deus ex machina or any other such shifty plot devices and my entire view on a book takes a nosedive. With such buildup to the defeat of Voldemort, this ending had to be clever. JK Rowling managed to do it in the original series. Ive read a few other intrepid fan fiction authors whove done it as well. Caeria has now joined their ranks in my minds. I applaud her cleverness.

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